Monthly Archives: April 2003

How do I get plugin Y to run before plugin X?

It might be the case that you want plugin Y to run before plugin X, because of what X does with what Y is supposed to have already done. Blosxom loads plugins in filename order, so make sure the alphanumerical order of your plugin filenames reflects the order you want your plugins to run.

A common way to do this is to prefix the plugin filenames with digits, like this:


and so on.

“A brilliant literary mash-up”…

… is a great way to describe, as Kevin Marks did, the fusion of Hogwarts and Molesworth by Alice Dryden, who describes it thus:

Wot hapen when nigel molesworth, the curse of st custards, find himself at hoggwarts skool for WITCHCRAFT and wizzardry? Read on!

A must-read. It brings back many happy memories for me and I’m sure tons of other people of my generation. Molesworth is the creation of Geoffrey Willians and Ronald Searle, who wrote the Down With Skool! collection, as any fule kno!