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SAP Mentor Monday on UI5 – Links

Today I was privileged to host a public SAP Mentor Monday on UI5, with Andreas Kunz as special guest. This is a collection of links that were mentioned in the session.






  • As you saw on the call, JSBin is a super environment for trying out, prototyping and sharing snippets and small apps for #UI5 and more
  • It also has that great codecasting facility that we tried out*

*I realise now why the people watching the codecast as well got “No data” later on in their binding display – it’s because I wasn’t using a proxy prefix for the OData service, I was using my Chrome Canary which by default opens with web security disabled, so it just worked for me. More on that in another post!

Paying IT Forward Links

Today I recorded another SAP CodeTalk session with Ian Thain, this time on the topic of teaching kids computational thinking, teaching them to code: Paying IT Forward … IT Does Compute.

Here’s a quick list of links to the activities and organisations we mentioned in the talk.


CoderDojo (Our Manchester CoderDojo, is hosted at the fantastic Sharp Project)

Young Rewired State


And if you need any more convincing about our computational future, you may be interested in this TEDx talk on “Our Computational Future“.

Share and enjoy!



OpenUI5 CodeTalk Links

I was honoured to be a guest again on SAP CodeTalk with Ian Thain. This time we talked about OpenUI5 - the open source version of SAPUI5, SAP’s UI development toolkit for HTML5.


Here are the links to what was mentioned.

Near the start of the recording, Ian mentioned our previous 2-part SAP CodeTalk on SAPUI5 and Fiori.

I talked about the differences between SAPUI5, OpenUI5 and where they fit with Fiori. Here’s a post explaining that in more detail: “The essentials: SAPUI5, OpenUI5 and Fiori“.

You can compare what’s available in SAPUI5 and OpenUI5 by looking at their respective API references: SAPUI5 API Reference and OpenUI5 API Reference.

Andreas Kunz’s post on SCN “What is OpenUI5 / SAPUI5?“, published when the open sourcing announcement was made. Just before the announcement was made, Jan Penninkhof’s post “13 reasons why SAP should open-source SAPUI5” was published.

OpenUI5’s “home” on the web is Github: There’s also a fledgling blog at with an inaugural “We’re open!” post.

Bug reporting for OpenUI5 is possible via Github issues, please read the “Report a Bug” page for more info.

Technical (programming-related) Q&A is active under the ‘sapui5′ tag on Stack Overflow (even though the questions are mostly independent of whether it’s SAPUI5 or OpenUI5).

Recently the OpenUI5 library was added to the list of selectable libraries in JSBin, and there is a small but growing list of templates for JSBin based snippets too (contributions welcome!)

Last but not least, there’s a Public SAP Mentor Monday webinar this coming Mon 24 Mar 2014 on UI5, with special guest Andreas Kunz. Come along and attend, all are welcome!